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Museum of the Confederacy - Carnifix CabinBrightwell's Mill


January, 2012, Brightwell's Mill was in disrepair, almost to the point of falling in. This Amherst County, VA landmark needed immediate attention or it would be lost forever. Pat & Chris Woody @ Woody Wood Chinking was recommended to take on this endeavor to save this water powered grist mill. They both, having a passion for historic structures worked diligently. Specializing in log cabins, this, their first challenge with a mill, required research and many, many photos along the way. In a very cautious and safe approach, the old rotted out structure timbers, floor joist, subflooring, finished flooring and walls were meticulously removed and replaced. The water wheel support timbers and the timbers supporting the wooden teeth gears that turned the grindstones were also replaced.

On many occasions I joined in on the adventure and became a laborer. I found out these guys were having fun, even though it was a lot of hard work. Extremely cold in the winter and hot in the summer didn't deter them from getting the job done.

As the water wheel turns again and we reflect back on all that has been accomplished, it has been a pleasure working with Pat and Chris Woody. We highly recommend Woody Woody Chinking and invite you to come visit Brightwell's Mill Restoration and see for yourself how talented these guys are.

Ricky Brightwell and Family,

Brightwell's Mill

684 Brightwell's Mill Road

Madison Heights, VA 24572


December 4, 2012


Hi guys!

Hope all is well! Just wanted to forward you the testimonial I promised. 

When I stumbled upon Washington Farm's log home, built in 1808, I knew the logs would need a LOT of restoration. Due to the historical significance of the structure I was determined only to work with the best in the country.  Of all the contractors I contacted none of them were as prompt, courteous and knowledgeable as Mr. Pat Woody and his team. The pricing proposed was very reasonable and the work meticulous. I HIGHLY recommend Woody Wood Chinking  to other historical log home enthusiasts without hesitation.




March 24, 2012


I first heard of Pat Woody and his work from a co-worker who also had a log home and highly recommended his work.

A couple of years ago a tree fell on my home and I called Pat. He said he would come out and have a look. After looking at the damage to the roof he said he really didn't do roofing but said he could spruce up my home. I kept the estimate he gave me and said once the roof was fixed at a latter time I would call him.

A couple of years latter I called him and he and his son Chris came over and gave my log home a complete overhaul. I really enjoyed having them over and took photo's and movies of them doing everything from the power-wash to the final sealer coat. It was nice having them over, they were friendly and did excellent work. Between the chinking and the 1st stain I lost electricity one night for 5 hours or so. The log home held the temperature the whole time and since then I have noticed a big difference in my electric bills and also no drafts thru the log home like before. The chinking not only helps with heating and cooling cost but also qualifies as a tax credit. A bonus is the log home looks super! I have received many comments on how nice my log home looks now. I highly recommend them not only for their excellent work but how friendly they are to work with.


Tom Dorfler


February 23, 2012


To Whom It May Concern

We are very pleased with the work of Woody Wood Chinking. He was very professional in his work. Not only did he work on a building for us, he restored and preserved an important piece of our tribal history. We would hire him again for a similar job without hesitation.



Monacan Tribal Council  Member

Sharon R Bryant


February 8, 2012


My wife and I built a log home in Amherst County, Virginia in 2009/10.  The chinking was more challenging than some because of our choice of logs of non-uniform shape.  Backing material had to be cut and fit into the irregular spaces between the logs before the chinking could be applied.  We selected Woody Wood Chinking to stain and chink the home.  They were delightful to work with, timely in carrying out their work and offered competitive pricing.  We had received a quote for the chinking from another contractor that was twice that of Woody Wood Chinking.  It was enjoyable to watch them work.  They were very efficient and their skill and experience evident.  We continue to be very pleased with the quality of their work and feel fortunate for having selected them.  We highly recommend Woody Wood Chinking.   


All the best,

Ken Cox


February 7, 2012


My beautiful log cabin retreat nestled in the foothills of the Blue Ridge mountains is truly a joy. Woody Wood Chinking transformed my Ward Log Home kit into a custom creation. The bedroom paneling was all cut on site from the trees removed for the electric rite of way, the hand railings were custom made from trees on the property, and the cabinets were all custom made on site. Pat Woody was able to provide local craftsmen to lay the stone fireplace and install the split shingle roof. Woody Wood Chinking keeps the maintaince up on my cabin when needed and are great guys to work with. I would recommend Woody Wood Chinking to anyone interested in building a cabin or for any restoration or preservation work needed on your dream log home.



Bruce Leaman


October 1, 2010


This summer we turned to Perma-Chink Systems and requested a list of recommended contractors to apply energy seal and check mate to our new log home. Among those recommended by Perma-Chink Systems was Woody Wood Chinking, inc. of Monroe Virginia.

Mr. Pat Woody responded promptly to our calls and traveled several hours to our home for a consultation. We were quickly impressed with his friendly demeanor, knowledge, and his recommendations for the work to be done on our home. During the next couple weeks he worked closely with us to obtain the correct Perma-Chink products. He quickly scheduled the work and arrived on schedule to start the job.

During the next week, Mr. Woody, his son Chris and another employee worked skillfully applying the energy seal and check-mate. It was apparent from the start that they new your product and could expertly apply it. We are thrilled with the completed project.

I do not often write letters of appreciation, however, the professional work, completed in a timely manner and the work ethic displayed by Mr. Woody is worthy of your attention. Woody Wood Chinking, Inc. is an outstanding ambassador for Perma-Chink Systems. I would not hesitate to recommend this company to anyone seeking log home preservation or restoration work. It was indeed a pleasure to work with Mr. Woody. We are very satisfied with Perma-Chink Systems products and will not hesitate to turn to Perma-Chink in the future.



Jesse and Mary Bowman

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