Museum of the Confederacy, Meet the Carnifix Cabin

This is the Carnifix Cabin, donated by the Carnifix family. This is how we originally saw the cabin, in all its glory, at the original site.

Moving the Carnifix Cabin

As you can see, this is the dismantle of the cabin down to the ground. The next pictures will be of us putting it back up at the museum site.

Relocating / Erecting the Carnifix Cabin

We basically built a new foundation out of stone, on a solid concrete footer. We then constructed a modern sub floor system capable of handling the capacity needed to hold demonstrations for the public.

We then Re-Erected the logs on the new foundation.

We had to replace several logs in order to suffice structural needs and concerns. Some logs were in need of total replacement while others needed to be refaced and others needing only cosmetic reconstruction.

We have started attaching two porches, one on the front and one on the back of the cabin, the one on the back will be handicap accessible.

Pictures of the Finished Museum of the Confederacy

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