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Hello! My name is Pat Woody, founder and president of Woody Wood Chinking. Welcome to our site!

It all started back in 1979 when my wife and I decided to build a log home. After we researched the log home companies at the time, which were considerably fewer than today, we decided to build from scratch. Thank God for family and friends who helped see this dream become a reality. It took two years to complete while holding down full time jobs. It is truly custom built. A local old style sawmill cut the oak trees from the stump, hand peeled and machined to round and D legs. They stacked the logs and installed the tongue and groove roof system which they had manufactured. I learned to lay rock for the three story - three fireplace - chimney, exposed rafter insulated roof system, custom trim, molding, and flooring, and so much more. It was a labor of love.

My wife and one-year old son and myself moved into our log home in 1981. The first winter was very cold and windy. I learned of the mistakes made very quickly. Air leaks were the main concern. I tried caulking but they would not hold up. I learned of Perma Chink that year and applied it to the exterior wall of the living room where I thought was the largest problem. I noticed a great improvement and the chinking proved to be very durable. So I chinked the remainder of the exterior and was able to comfortably heat the entire home with a wood stove. Years later I chinked the interior for added protection, but mainly for leaks and easier cleaning. The same chinking is still in place today.

While chinking my home, I realized other log homeowners might be in need of such services. With the last name Woody and red hair (before it turned gray) I couldn't avoid the nickname Woody Wood Pecker, so Woody Wood Chinking was born. I chinked some local cabins as side work for a while. As referral built up, jobs in Virginia and neighboring states started coming in. So, I bought a Winnebago and was a hundred percent Woody Wood Chinking.

My son Chris Woody (the one-year old) has worked me his entire life, minus a few years he spent with the US Marine Corps. He is now my partner and right hand man. Early into this new business, customers wanted more than just staining and chinking, so we started building porches, roofs, stairs, etc. More and more construction came along with the job at Woody Wood Chinking. I obtained my Class A contractor's license and started building log homes. Some turn-key, some dry-ins, and some shells. We have created many log shells for several log home manufacturers as well as turnkey custom construction for homeowners.

We have become very involved with our true love of historical restoration/ preservation. We do historically correct chinking and lime base dobbing with animal hair, straw, etc. Log replacement of new and old, custom cut timbers and logs, and hand hewing. We document, label, disassemble, move, and re-assemble historical pre-civil war log structures. We operate a wood mizer sawmill to custom cut replacement logs and timbers. We keep an array of wood species on hand for this purpose to include, but not limited to American chestnut, oak, pine, poplar, walnut, apple, cherry, etc.

We have worked on several log homes for Nascar families and have been featured on the Old Homes Restored television show. We generally work in Virginia and the neighboring states but we do travel the east coast. We try to specialize in the restoration of the old original log homes now but we still do chinking and staining and custom carpentry. Custom staircases and railings, custom cabinets, reclaimed flooring, just about anything you can think of in a custom-built log home. A large part of our business is replacing rotted logs. We remove the damaged wood and install replacement logs of matching shape and species. We offer maintenance of log homes as log homeowners know the wood requires maintenance. We offer pressure washing, staining, chinking, and complete restoration of your log home.

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